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Ack, how many bad dreams can you have about work in one night? =_= First one, I was being told that I was fired; next thousand, I was finding new and inventive ways to be late, despite really wanting to be on time.

Totally can't wait 'till Wednesday. Day off for once. Woooooooo

No... :c

Oh, gosh darn it...

Front page on "The Mirror" today, Terry Jones has got cancer. :( Just... phhh... Early stages, but still. One of my favourite Python's. AND he wrote Labyrinth. :c
And according to wikipedia, his birthday's the day before mine... hm... I really hope he'll be okay...

*sigh* Totally going to bed to watch some Monty Python in a minute.

My nipples explode with delight...

So. Friggin'. Tired.

I left my Graphics lesson half an hour early yesterday and I was STILL late for work. So, Buses are officially shite.
Then I had to work from six till half ten. Hoo-rah. Then I had to get up this morning and start work at eight. D:
Then after work, I was late for college because, oh yeah, the bus was being a prick. Buses suck. I'm buying a tardis instead.

But still. First day off in a about a month tomorrow. :3

Oh yeah, never watch Monty Python when you're supposed to be quiet. You will end up laughing very loudly. XD Recently got back into it. Love. <3

I am not Linda

I think I got a lot out of my French lesson today.
I learnt how to say "I am not Linda". :P

Irrelevant but ha ha. XD I totally hope Jack Sparrow really looks like that in a bikini.

On a whim, me and Jade had lunch at Wimpys. It's like a cross between McDonalds and a real restaraunt. XD

And I accidently bought stuff again. :/ Like a hat and some make up. And fucking hell, glitteriest lipstick EVER. If I ingest it, it'll probably slice up my intestines. o___o

I think there's a chance that I have too many hats.


Boy, have I had a fun day... no... no, I have not. x_x

I spent the entire morning having a vicious fight with my mum. Can't even remember what over. Was vicious. Made me feel like a horrid bitch.

Then at work. God, was it fucking fun. I was trying to serve this guy and I had to radio footwear because one of the shoes was the wrong size. The guy was great. But. The bastard behind him in the queue. Boy, was he a bastard. I was just trying to help the first guy and the bastard was shouting for attention and trying to get served. Tried explaining that I was already serving.
He got even more rowdy and bastardy. And he called the guy infront of him a "twat" and me a "Useless fucking bitch". What fun. Some of the guys working on the tills tried to shut him up and the shoe manager threatened to call Gunwharf security on him. He carried on anyway. When I finally had to serve him, he was being a complete twat, constantly calling me useless and just, grr... what a fuckwit. Probably drunk. His mate had to try calming him down but he didn't.

And I so want to fucking call in sick tomorrow.

Wayne's World!

Hm... I feel kinda bad because I accidently spent a little more than I expected to today. D: I spent almost £30 and I was only supposed to spend about £13. D:
But still... The two extra purchases were a WAYNES WORLD soundtrack, which, I totally needed. X3 And gloves...
gloves for my TEAM ROCKET costume for my friend Nessa's Heroes and Villains party on Friday. :D My costume's going to be too cool. X3 Got a short white skirt and everything.

If my mother is working tomorrow afternoon, I think I may have to model my Team Rocket costume while everyone's out. It'll be so awesome. >3

My new boots tore up my new socks. *facepalm*

~*Edit - http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30100-1233704,00.html?f=rss
What. The. Fuck. XD Seriously. First Jordan and Peter Andre, now this?

Nintendo are sick. D:

I was watching one of my old pokemon videos that I'd recorded off the tv a few years ago and MY GOD. I hate to point out, but a Heracross was trying to have sex with Bulbasaur. x_x I wish to god I was kidding. XD I can't remember what episode it was, so I'll have to get proof later.
And god, all Ash says is "Hey you guys, cut it out!" XD God, kid's shows, eh?

And now, I'm supposed to be getting ready for work. But I think I'd have much more fun discussing sick crap about pokemon. :P

Fun times.

Hm... looks like I might be getting a new computer. :O

And it's bright red. XD Oh boy. Just a little worried as Dad told me he got it from his friend Danny. *facepalm* His friend Danny is my mum's "Best friend" (she hates him). I have my doubts because I remember when we found out that the laptop he sold us had been stolen. o_O Hm...

Hm... Found some fun on Youtube.com. The american version of the Boomtown Rat's song "Dave". And it's been changed to "Rain" because America thought it was gay for a guy to sing about another guy. :/ And seeing as the song's about trying to talk the guy out of suicide, the version makes no sense. Silly america.


Okay, several days stretch of work over, time to figure out how I'm gonna get some kind of life now...

I have absolutely NO ideas. >_>
So, I'll stick to http://www40.brinkster.com/charliemistry/ for now.

My tummy hurts. :c As does my head after I walked into a wall yesterday. ^^'


My stomach doesn't feel infested with ants, so I don't think I did accidently eat an ant while eating blackberries yesterday. :P

But still. I'm fucking exhausted. x_x' I am hearby going to try giving myself a few days off... although, knowing my luck, they'll probably phone me up and ask if I can work tomorrow afternoon. D:

I keep thinking about the whole feeling of emptiness I'm going through. It's like... half the time I'm at work, or exhausted because of work... and the rest of the time, I'm sitting at my computer being boring.

I just don't know what to do with myself... Although, I've been thinking, when I turn 18, I might try going to Marthas... going to a gay bar MIGHT just make me feel more exciting and social. And I might just meet girls in the process.

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